Data Integration

Integrate silos of Information
Your data is located in a number of different sources, each maintained and updated by differing processes. However, you need an integrated view of data from each source.

We can architect enterprise level solutions that take into account scalability, reliability, security as well as fault tolerance. We ground our architecture in our expertise of databases, message queues, webservices as well as system architecture. Once an overall architecture has been settled on, we can also provide services to implement the architecture.

Database Design
You need to consolidate information from a variety of sources into one location so that you can reduce your costs for updating, accessing the data, while maintaining control over who can access it.

We can use our expertise in databases (MS Sql Server, Oracle, ASE, MySql) to provide and implement a schema that will meet your needs. In addition to the schema, we can help create a process where the database can be effectively managed. These processes can include strategies for backup, failover, scaling, security, and reporting.

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