Data Visualization

Your data is accumulating at an astonishing rate. You need to summarize the data from one or several sources to become actionable.

Your data is spread out in different location and bringing it together to make a decision is a project in itself. We leverage PowerBI and ETL tools to aggregate your data into one location and then generate dashboards so business level decisions can be made.

As a use case — You are a sales manager with the following questions

  • Which opportunities did I lose yesterday?
  • Which of those was I expecting to win?
  • How much actual sales have I closed this month?
  • How does this compare to the same time period last year or the year before?
  • How much pipeline coverage do I have for this quarter?
  • How does this differ by sales team and product?
  • How much variance to quota do I have by sales team?
  • What does my win loss ratio look like for my worst performing product?

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